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We are three girls in one house.  Mama, Older Sister 4 and Younger Sister 1 year old.

As an attempt to get out of a violent and abusive school (I am a teacher), I am making the change from working for someone else to hopefully working for me.

I’ve worked in a bad situation for over 10 years  and this past week when school was out and I walked out of that classroom, it was bitter sweet.

I was in the exact position and classroom I wanted before I retired teaching and I suppose I just didn’t realize that my “retirement” from teaching would come so soon.  (I’m 37 years old so of course retirement wasn’t expected this early).

I was convinced that by being a teacher I could change the world and make a huge difference.

Then, along came that one student that changed my life.  I’m sure it was more than just the one student (perhaps I’ll have a side category of my philosophy’s and what not about this…but I want this site to be about toys (happy things)!

The student assaulted me and the school covered it up. The cops originally were going to press charges and then they “magically” changed their minds.  Mind you, this girl had already nearly severed her own brother’s fingers and was on Juvenille Parole or whatever you call it. (I found out all this afterwards)

So…no need to say more other than that teaching scares the shit out of me anymore….it also surprises me in many ways…BUT when you put my physically body in harm, everything…and I mean everything shuts down. All the emotional and mental stress that I was able to hold back unleashed from the incident of this student attacking me and I feel as though I will never get over it.

So..why this site?  It’s a happy place.  I’ve leanred that focusing on good things…brings good things and I need good…all I can get …to try and recover in a very healthy way from this incident in my life.

I never thought I’d be one of the teacher that was assaulted by a student.  But I was.  And I also never thought I would be a work at home mom….but I am now.

So..that’s about me!   I hope you enjoy the reviews I put into this blog. I promise they will be thorough, blunt and honest…but remember…we are all different and so are our kids so take each review with a grain of salt and if you really want to know how your kids like a toy…let them test drive another kids out.

My daughter’s love toys, but they love time with us and the outdoors even more!  Don’t forget that great big world out there that every kid should explore!

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