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American Dolls can Teach Compassion

Both my girls had a great time looking through the American Girl catalog this fall.

They both still only have the itty bitty babies and both are naked.

Do your girls have a weird affinity for stripping their baby dolls? We try not to spoil our girls, but it seems that grandparents and friends love giving these girls dolls. All the girls do is strip them down and then move on to the next thing.

If they get a wild hair they go back and attempt to redress them but get too bored. Perhaps the girls are too young for dolls?


IT’s no possible for a baby to be too young.

Let’s talk about why playing with dolls is actually a very good things for babies, toddlers and young kids.

As I watch my 1 year old grow and develop, one of the indicators (to me) that I’m doing a good job in showing and teaching her what compassion, is how she treats her toys.

We have a water baby from Wal-Mart, that my first child could care less about, but there is something about it that my one year old loves.

She picked it up the other day and kissed it multiple times on the back of the head. Then another day, she picked it up and sang “Baby, Baby, Baby” and rocked it back and forth.

This echos exactly what her father and I do to her to show her affection.

And then again, she will pick up a blanket and rock the baby back and forth and put it down for a nap by patting it’s back.

These are moments when I, as a mother, am proud because I know where she learned that. It’s an exact replica of how we do things with her.

It also brings to mind to me how children learn other things, like yelling and hitting.

We don’t do this, but we have noticed when she is exposed to other children who play more violently that she exhibits this behavior at home as well.

Needless to say, we don’t allow her to play with that crew any more.

We want to raise a compassionate and caring being and playing house, baby, showing compassion for animals and believing that cuddling is a great thing to do is far better than screaming, racing and hitting once another.

Oh no worries, we will raise her to be competitive too…but that’s when the time is right. Now in this learning phase, we are molding her empathy and compassion.

American Girl Dolls can help us teach that and for that we are grateful for the itty bitty babies we have.

American Girl Doll Coupons – Does americangirl have store coupons?

Here’s the thing, I have this beautiful girl
american girl coupons

She is absolutely beautiful so naturally, I want to take care of her, protect her and give her the things I didn’t have as a kid.

As a kid, my family moved around a lot and, at times, we had a lot of money where we wouldn’t have to look for american girl doll coupons, and other times we were living in a slug infested apartment in Maryland and it was all we could do to look for american girl coupons and coupon codes in order to just HOPE that we could buy a doll like you see on the american girl doll website.

It was a rough childhood and I’m fortunate to be able to say that my two little girls don’t have anywhere near the turmoil I had as a child. (I guess I’m doing a good job!)

Here’s number two:
americangirl promo code

Both my girls love ag dolls and I really want to give them the world! You know, take them to the American Girl Store, play american girl games, watch those crazy you tube videos with american girl hairstyle ideas…..It’s so girly and so cute to watch them play with one another.

Check out this americangirl hairstyle video (it just makes me laugh):

Why am I laughing about this american girl hairstyles video?

Because it’s a doll!

Come on moms!

Maybe I’m too much of a tomboy. I don’t know.

I remember playing with dolls when I was little and I remember cutting their hair (I’m sure my mother has a heart attack) and I would just die (personally) if my daughters were to cut their american girls because you know what?

American Girl Dolls are Expensive!

But they are quality made and if you have enough demand, which apparently the The American Girl Store does, then you can charge as much as you want so looking for american girl doll coupons might be my new favorite thing.

Just like you, I want to give my kids the best (my american girls!) and there is not shame in finding the best american girl promo code I can in order to get them more americangirl dolls right?

Of course I’m right.

Everyone loves a bargain. Even rich people …or should I say especially rich people.

I’m not rich with money by any means so don’t go there and I want to get my girls more doll from teh american girl doll website but I have to justify the costs first.

Right now, both my girls have the americangirl itty bitty babies. My mother bought them for both of them when they were born. (Actually I think it was for their first christmas present)

So why am I writing about these american girls?

I had a conversation with someone that said that I should talk about the american girl girl of the year 2015 or the american girl girl of the year 2016….and really I have no clue what that means!

I’m so new to all this american girl and the american doll thing that it’s seems almost overwhelming.

So I thought that my new blog approach is to talk more about how to learn about american girls, find out where the heck I can take my two girls to American Girl Stores and figure out where the American doll Store locations are and just try to learn all I can about this American girl craze (finding american girl doll coupon codes along the way of course!)

Oh yeah..and the name of this post? American Girl Doll Coupons – Does americangirl have store coupons? The answer is yes, you can find americangirl coupons and american coupon codes and promo codes out there. That’s why I took the time to figure out how to get americangirl coupons on this site.

It’s because I know I’m going to be spending an inordinate amount of time in 2015 looking for American Girls and probably for 2016, 2017 and 2018 and so one because my girls are young and it will be a long while before they stop playing with american girl dolls. You know what I mean?

So, If you happen to know about american girl games, american girl shops and everything you could possibly think of in regards to the original american girl dolls, PLEASE help me out because quite honestly I am completely clueless and clearly, even though I know there is an american girl doll coupon on this site (I think) I was lucky to even figure out how to do that.

If you ask me today how I got that amarican girl doll coupon on this blog, I would literally have to take about an hour to find the information and then figure out who I went through in order to give you an answer.


If you are an Americangirl newbie (probably a new mom like me too) then let’s learn about these american girls together and maybe even share some american girl doll pictures and more silly americangirl videos.

Till next time!


Fisher Price Work And Play Tool Bench

IMG_0005From the looks of it, you would think that Paisley just doesn’t love this toy!

Keep reading!

Paisley loves this toy.  She just happens to have a pouty face.

Now the same does not go for my oldest, Kaylee.  She could have cared less about this toy when I bought a couple years ago.

I’m so glad I never threw any of the toys that Kaylee didn’t bother with away though because it seems that toys might be really an individual preference for each kid.

Not only that, but some toys are played with, forgotten and then discovered again later.

Kaylee has a few toys that she has actually just started playing with that she ignored when she was younger.  Sometimes that suggested age on the toy box does have some credibility!

Girls and Fisher Price Work and Play Tool Bench

Girls and Fisher Price Work and Play Tool Bench

So Paisley and this Toy work bench?  What does she love?

Well She can’t talk but I will tell you this:

1. She laughs when she sees it and runs to it.

2. She dances when it plays a song

3. She loves to Bang on it.

4. She loves the things that spin.


So there you have it!  This toy is a nice little addition to the toy box!

American Girl Dolls

love American Girls and it’s probably because I am (err..was) one.

American Girl is a dream for many girl’s across the world and then comes this American Girl Doll Sale site.

Oh my!  What will this site be about. know just about as much as I do.

In my ideal world, I would love to have as many American Girls as I could and there is only one way to go about it (other than selling your soul) and that is to make enough money to make my dreams come true.

People say that money does not buy happiness and they are right for the most part, but consider this:

1. Money buys food.

2. Money buys shelter.

3. Money buys clothes.

4. Money buys transporation.

5. Money buys heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

6. Money buys Health products like medicines and machines that help you survive.

7. Money can help you gain status (Is it better to be a leader or a follower?)

9. Money helps you fix things.

8. Money….welll…in a round a bout way…it does buy happiness.



So..It’s not that money actually BUYS happiness….nothing can give you happiness except for yourself.  It’s the fact that it takes money to feel secure and to provide yourself what you need in today’s complicated world.

Without money, you worry, you are stressed and you are not able to enjoy life as much.  It is a scientific fact that stress and worry reduces seratonine in the brain…and you know what seratonine is????

Seratonin is the Happy Hormone in our body.  It’s the one that causes us to feel or not feel the emotion of happiness.


So..with decide if money buys happiness.   In my next post…let’s talk about how an American Doll and if it can really make you happy.

What is with this American Doll Craze?  We are going to find out!

Here’s what I’m talking about: Uhhhmmm????

About Me.

IMG_9808Hi!  I’m Charissa!

I am the mother of two wonderful little girls,  4 years and 1 year.

My 4 year old is rambunctious (is that what they are suppose to be like?)  and my 1 year old (who just got tubes in her ears) is happy go lucky and trying to do everything her big sister does.

I got this site “AmericanGirlDollSale” because my mother LOVES the American girl brand and before my littlest one was even one, she had a doll…that my 4 year old steals from her all the time.

As an attempt to stay at home, I would like to discuss these wonderful dolls and the other dolls that my little girls love because as a mom, I like to know what works for my kids and what doesn’t.  I like to know what holds up and what doesn’t too because I want to spend my money wisely.

Toys are expensive!  So you want to buy the right ones!


Ok!..gotta go..but I will get good at this blog thing!  My little one, Paisley is calling. :)

Here’s my oldest, trying to make a decision on which toy is best. Already the world’s best toy critic!