Legal Stuff

I am in no way an expert or major toy Doctor or whatever you might think by reading this.

I just have life experience, some wit and perhaps a little bit of smarts in me that I want to share with the world.

I do not endorse or do anything like that.

Whatever other legal stuff I need to say will go here.

Mostly…this is for my readers enjoyment and for a little bit of insight of how my family responds to toys and it does not necessarily mean that you will respond or your kids/spouse/friends will respond the same way at all.

Basically, if you spend a lot of money on toys because of my reviews (which I’m flattered by…by the way)  please don’t come back and complain to me because I am in no way responsible for how you spend your financial monies nor should anyone have that type of influence on you.

If you make a poor decision to use your last rent check on Monster Dolls or the next big Frozen Toy for Christmas 2015…then it’s on you.

(Please don’t buy toys instead of play rent…cardboard boxes are totally free and kids love them!)

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