About Me.

IMG_9808Hi!  I’m Charissa!

I am the mother of two wonderful little girls,  4 years and 1 year.

My 4 year old is rambunctious (is that what they are suppose to be like?)  and my 1 year old (who just got tubes in her ears) is happy go lucky and trying to do everything her big sister does.

I got this site “AmericanGirlDollSale” because my mother LOVES the American girl brand and before my littlest one was even one, she had a doll…that my 4 year old steals from her all the time.

As an attempt to stay at home, I would like to discuss these wonderful dolls and the other dolls that my little girls love because as a mom, I like to know what works for my kids and what doesn’t.  I like to know what holds up and what doesn’t too because I want to spend my money wisely.

Toys are expensive!  So you want to buy the right ones!


Ok!..gotta go..but I will get good at this blog thing!  My little one, Paisley is calling. :)

Here’s my oldest, trying to make a decision on which toy is best. Already the world’s best toy critic!


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