American Dolls can Teach Compassion

Both my girls had a great time looking through the American Girl catalog this fall.

They both still only have the itty bitty babies and both are naked.

Do your girls have a weird affinity for stripping their baby dolls? We try not to spoil our girls, but it seems that grandparents and friends love giving these girls dolls. All the girls do is strip them down and then move on to the next thing.

If they get a wild hair they go back and attempt to redress them but get too bored. Perhaps the girls are too young for dolls?


IT’s no possible for a baby to be too young.

Let’s talk about why playing with dolls is actually a very good things for babies, toddlers and young kids.

As I watch my 1 year old grow and develop, one of the indicators (to me) that I’m doing a good job in showing and teaching her what compassion, is how she treats her toys.

We have a water baby from Wal-Mart, that my first child could care less about, but there is something about it that my one year old loves.

She picked it up the other day and kissed it multiple times on the back of the head. Then another day, she picked it up and sang “Baby, Baby, Baby” and rocked it back and forth.

This echos exactly what her father and I do to her to show her affection.

And then again, she will pick up a blanket and rock the baby back and forth and put it down for a nap by patting it’s back.

These are moments when I, as a mother, am proud because I know where she learned that. It’s an exact replica of how we do things with her.

It also brings to mind to me how children learn other things, like yelling and hitting.

We don’t do this, but we have noticed when she is exposed to other children who play more violently that she exhibits this behavior at home as well.

Needless to say, we don’t allow her to play with that crew any more.

We want to raise a compassionate and caring being and playing house, baby, showing compassion for animals and believing that cuddling is a great thing to do is far better than screaming, racing and hitting once another.

Oh no worries, we will raise her to be competitive too…but that’s when the time is right. Now in this learning phase, we are molding her empathy and compassion.

American Girl Dolls can help us teach that and for that we are grateful for the itty bitty babies we have.

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