Fisher Price Work And Play Tool Bench

IMG_0005From the looks of it, you would think that Paisley just doesn’t love this toy!

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Paisley loves this toy.  She just happens to have a pouty face.

Now the same does not go for my oldest, Kaylee.  She could have cared less about this toy when I bought a couple years ago.

I’m so glad I never threw any of the toys that Kaylee didn’t bother with away though because it seems that toys might be really an individual preference for each kid.

Not only that, but some toys are played with, forgotten and then discovered again later.

Kaylee has a few toys that she has actually just started playing with that she ignored when she was younger.  Sometimes that suggested age on the toy box does have some credibility!

Girls and Fisher Price Work and Play Tool Bench

Girls and Fisher Price Work and Play Tool Bench

So Paisley and this Toy work bench?  What does she love?

Well She can’t talk but I will tell you this:

1. She laughs when she sees it and runs to it.

2. She dances when it plays a song

3. She loves to Bang on it.

4. She loves the things that spin.


So there you have it!  This toy is a nice little addition to the toy box!

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